It’s available!!

So it has begun.  The paper has been on Amazon for 4 days now and I have a feeling of accomplishment.  True, I’m not “published” where a publisher has reviewed my material and deemed it suitable for publishing but I have made a commitment and a public one at that.  But what if someone actually pays the $1.99 and then feels cheated? What if they don’t like it or think it’s wrong or just bone headed?  I guess life will go on. Not only has my skin thickened over the years but I really do think this is something that people who want to provide a service as a vocation, avocation or even a hobby could benefit from especially if they’ve already tried and found it more difficult or less rewarding than they anticipated.
I have a plan and the paper (did I mention it was available at: ?) is only one piece.  I will be using this blog to expand on the paper with examples, case studies, and templates.  I will discuss other small business resources (web sites, books, conferences, etc.) and includ my thoughts and experiences with them.  Eventually this will all be brought together into a book based on both the SOHO Operations Planning paper and this blog.
A big part of this plan is getting the word out so I have set up facebook, email and twitter accounts for just this purpose.  I intend to reach out via LinkedIn and my friends and neighbors … no one is safe!
As part of full disclosure, variations of stulesley IDs (facebook/stulesley,, etc.) and StuartLLesley (facebook/stuartllesley,, etc.) are the same person … me.  My stulesley persona is primarily my personal life and my Stuart.L.Lesley persona is my professional life and to make things even more interesting I have a full time working life as a Systems Engineer at The MITRE Corporation which has a completed different set of IDs, etc.
I am very excited about this and it’s not about the money!! I’ve been working on this for over a year and I think it can be a real help.  My next post will start the actual discussion in this area so stand by to stand by.
Thanks everyone and hope to hear from you soon,

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