A side note before continuing

What I’ve done in creating Tiny Business Mentor is take the latest industry best practices in the area of service delivery, distill them down to their bare essentials and then translate them into real people language. These are the things that once done can be used to keep you on track and freeing you to focus on what you started this business for in the first place whatever that may be.  For those interested in the source of the best practices you can go to http://www.sei.cmu.edu/reports/10tr034.pdf to get a copy of CMMI® for Services, Version 1.3. Be careful though, it’s over 500 pages long!

I’ve been involved in many projects large and small and both as a project leader and team member.  It’s been my experience that the projects that were both smaller and shorter needed greater attention to things like budget and schedule because there was less room for error.  If a large project that was scheduled to last 18 months ran over budget for 1 or 2 months there would be time to detect and correct the problem, assuming it wasn’t the last few months.  On the other hand, a small project that is scheduled to last 3 months had the same problem by the time the problem is detected the project is almost over and there’s no time for any kind of recovery action.  I think a tiny business is very much like a small short project, i.e. not a whole lot of room for detection of problems and their recovery.  One of the key features of Tiny Business Mentor is to put some things into place early to keep those problems from happening and when they happen anyway give you the tools to detect them early and correct them quickly.

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